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unresolved billing issues, failure to follow-up by telus

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While I do realize this forum is not meant for person account question,  this is my last resort as i am am receiving little more than fragmented and inadequate support through customer service phone lines.


I will no longer phone customer service, as it has now been 6 calls where my issue remains unresolved, and where I do no receive the follow-ups I am promised. I was looking for an email, but cannot find it so I am contacting you here. Please do not let this request go unheeded, as I am getting extremely frustrated with Telus at the moment. I phoned in about a month ago to downgrade my plan from Internet 75 to 25. After doing so, I noticed the Internet was too slow so I called and we re-upgraded. My internet did not improve. I called customer service and was informed that the update back up to Internet 75 had not triggered on the backend. I asked for a refund for the period of time where I was paying for Internet 75 but receiving Internet 25. Ever since, various issues have come up on my billing page, including incorrect services codes which leads my bills to be wrong every end of month. Also, I have yet to receive my refund. . I was promised a call by Justine Fae, the 6th representative who said she would get back to me after the refund is processed and I never heard back. I keep running after representatives to get my issue resolved and I can no longer deal with the lack of proactivity on Telus's part. This issue has been ongoing, I have tried so many times to get it resolved and nothing happens. If this is not resolved by the end of the week, please cancel my Telus account altogether

because this service is just ridiculous


Please reply to this post with instructions on how i can contact someone who can resolve these issues. If you give me the telus customer serivice phone number, please dont and cancel my account instead.



Community Power User
Community Power User

You can try the escalation option contained in the ‘Contact Us’ section at the page bottom, or try to contact them through Twitter @TELUSSupport.

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by Telus customers. We have neither the opportunity to connect you to Telus staff, nor cancel your account.

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