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the worst service ever!!

Just Moved In

I don't know about the rest of you, but I tell ya I have been a customer with these morons since 1997, and over the last year these guys suck.

4K? what a louse joke!, 24 HR HELP? yeah right! you might be lucky if your not on hold for that long! anyone else here as pissed off as I aM?



I have had good experience with Telus.  I am not sure what you meant about 4K.  There are not that much stuff in 4K right now.  But, they just enabled the 4K Netflix app which is a really good thing for people who have 4K TVs and subscribe to 4K premium service from Netflix.  Even for those who don't have 4K Tvs, the receiver is so much better than the earlier ones and holds twice as much programming. I just had a service tech visit me on Monday and he came on time, did what was supposed to be done and everything went well. I do agree that the hold times have increased since July/August but nowhere near what you imply.