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telus Email Surveys from "Telus Team"

My original post got delete so I made a new on just to post an update.
(Original Post)
Hi everyone

I got a email from Telus Team ( for a survey regarding my last customer service experience and it redirected me to -"https://telus-allegiancetech-de/cgi-bin/qwebcorporate.dll?idx=S4TSBR&l=english&rk=6YB7TN&" Anyone know if it's legit?

Thanks to the Neighbours for helping. I contacted telus by online chat and the representative said   " Rest assured that link is Valid. That is the new process of Accounts team for asking feedback from their client."

Community Power User
Community Power User

Good to know. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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That's strange--it certainly didn't work for me. My browser said it couldn't find the server at telus-allegiancetech-de, and even when I corrected the ill-formed address to (which would be in Germany), it said the same thing.


I hate to be suspicious of my "friendly neighbours" here on the forum, but perhaps there's a reason that three other posts by dave2321 (registered in July; four posts on same subject; last visit in July) were deleted? SysOps, any comments?

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Community Power User

@Cherns  Duplicate posts get removed if it's asking the same thing in 3 other times for a total of 4 threads. Kind of pointless don't you think?

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Post #4 mentioned that the previous post(s?) had been deleted. I am aware that SysOps often delete duplicate posts, but this case smelled a bit funny to me, especially since the main purpose of the posts (which weren't all duplicates) was to affirm the authenticity of a link that was ill-formed and suspicious on its face.