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i just had telus installed my internet 75. The modem/router is T3200m ver 31.164L.18. My wifi speed was ~ 65mbps...i can live with it. But the following day, wifi was varying between 30 and 45 mbps and has never gone back even close to 55mbps. I connected (hardwire) my laptop directly to the t3200m's lan port 1 ...speed is perfect at 80 to 83 mbps!  So i was suspecting the router part of this modem is not stable. Do you think  i can solve this problem by buying a separate router? I have an Asus RT-N12-D1 router that i use when i was on 25mbps. I connected this router to the T3200M modem and checked the wifi speed... it reads around 50mbps consistently , tested for at least 5 times every 5 to 10 minutes interval. Any suggestion which affordable  router i can buy that can handle "actual" speed of >=100mbps ? or any suggestion what to adjust in this modem that can increase my speed close to 75mbps? thanks


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are so many things in your household environment which affect Wi-Fi signal strength, including the band you connect to. For instance, the 5G band is much faster than the 2.4G band. Additionally, few Wi-Fi connections operate at greater than about 45 Mbps, and many devices are slower, so you should not expect to see 100 Mbps Internet connectivity on your wireless devices. If you want speed, connect by Ethernet.


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