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I just moved to Kelowna from Vernon and going to Okanagan College. I've found a room, it's really nice but seems like there is an issue with internet. It's really slow and lagging when i play games sometimes. I just wanna know that you guys still have student discount plan. if so, i'd like to know more about the plan (price, plans, etc.). Oh and I think owner of this house is using shaw. I just want to use it for myself so.. is it possible to use two different internet services in the same house? reply to my email please. thank you.



I've never used Telus before (phone either internet)


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If you're living in a house in which it has Shaw connection (cable), you can still order TELUS internet (ADSL) which goes through the phone lines. 


You can use the following link to check the service availability and expected speeds:


note that since it runs through the TELEPHONE line, it might require to place the order on the owner's land line number (if they have one) or what they call a dryloop (a fake land line number is enabled in the house)


if the Shaw internet connection is slow in the house, you can also check how many users are sharing the connection. The more users on sharing the connection, the slower the connection speed might become, especially if one or many users are using up most of the bandwidth (ie: streaming videos, uploading pictures in Facebook, etc)

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You could also speak to your landlord about upgrading the current service.
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