slow and unreliable downloads from Apple Content Distribution Network (App store)


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I've tried Google, Australian, UK, Chinese DNS to no change.

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I attempting to start updating iPhone and iPad apps on my WIndows 7 PC last night (for the first time in a long time), and I noticed these abysmal download speeds.  I gave up for the night and tried again today, with no different result.  A few days before I had updated to iTunes (64-bit).. not sure if that is causing the problem? (don't think so, but mentioning it)

I've also tried updating apps on my phone directly, over my home wifi network and it seems to have the same problem of slow downloads of the app updates.

I have the Telus Internet 25 plan.  I have no problems watching YouTube videos or loading pages on any other websites I have been using.

Let's go Telus... fix this issue please.

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everyone having this problem should stop troubleshooting. it's between telus and apple. if you need to get 500mb of updates on your ios device, you can grab the tunnelbear app and sign up for a free account, and enable the usa vpn. tweet about it to get another free 500mb for a total of 1gb.


I was finally able to speak to a manager a Telus about this. They confirmed the issue is that Telus needs to upgrade their links to Apple but they are not doing that any time soon. Though it is on a upgrade "list". So until Telus decides to spend the money to upgrade their links, Telus customers will experience slow connection speeds to Apple whenever Apple released new software as their ports to Apple get saturated. When I asked the manager why there has not been an official Telus response in the forums here, they said until they do upgrade their links, which there is no timeframe on, they will not post an official response here. Poor customer service.

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Dru from TELUS here.


Thank you all for bringing this to our attention! 


Your input was invaluable in helping us identify a challenge at a connection point between our networks. We are working closely with Apple to increase peering capacity and everything should be resolved soon.


On behalf of the TELUS Neighbourhood team, thank you so much for your patience on this matter and sorry about the inconvenience.

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