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Just Moved In

We had Telus in today to install new 4k boxes for our 4 TV's.  Paul arrived and had it done quickly and was a friendly guy.  The Masters was being taped, along with the Blue Jays.  No one bothered to tell me that anything recorded on our PVR would be lost.  Had a challenge with the PVR and spoke to Edward from Telus on the phone.  He spent 40 minutes with me, trying everything to get our PVR started.  I had texted Paul, our installer and he texted back to let me know he was working on a solution.  He came back just as the challenge resolved to make sure all TV's were online and working.  Edward called me back 30 minutes later to make sure I knew all was done.  **bleep** happens but it's a great team that can react quickly to solve the problem.

Nice work Paul, Edward and Telus

Ted Cowie (husband of subscriber)




These forums aren't regularly monitored by Telus employees as it serves mainly as a community for customers by customers. I know the managers of the employees would love to hear positive feedback regarding your experience. You can send an email in at this link so they can get some recognition.

Just Moved In
You mean your Shaw PVR?