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Was on Shaw and had no problems with phone.  Switched to Telus almost year ago and for some reason my cell (Samsung Note 3) is extremely slow on home wifi network.  Been like that as soon as I switched from Shaw to Telus.  I know the network is working well since other devices that are hooked up to the telus home wifi are all working great (Xbox, ipad, other phones, laptop etc).  It takes over a minute to load a page on my Samsung note 3.  Neighbor downstairs has the same phone as mine and he runs into the same problem.  I basically have to tell my phone to forget my telus wifi and just use my data on my cell phone provider (Rogers)


Any thoughts why my cell is the only device to run into this issue?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Sounds like there's a problem with the phone if all other devices in the house are working fine. As to the cause, that would be the harder thing to diagnose. If you connect to another wireless network, does the Note 3 still have the issue?

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yes it works fine on other networks.