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remote control frequency range

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what is the optic tv slimline 2 remote control frequency range? I want to bye an infrared extender for the digital box


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I guess it depends on battery strength and whether it's a clear line of sight.


BTW.... you can also use your mobile device to control the cable box.


I even set my recordings from work when I forget something.


I have all four of my digital boxes in cabinets or closets. For almost a year I've struggled to get IR repeaters to work with Optik TV remotes. It's been very frustrating and Telus techs are completely clueless when it comes to IR repeaters. The entire concept is unsupported. The best results I had were with Xantech and Microsmith IR repeaters but they still didn't work like they should. The basic problem is, the Optik TV remote controls are junk. Absolute crap! You'll never get them to work properly with IR repeaters. Once I discovered that AT&T U-Verse remote controls work with Optik TV, my problems were solved and all of my IR repeaters now work perfectly. Shame on Telus for supplying such cheap remote controls. I bought four of the AT&T remote controls on eBay for about $8 each, brand new. The correct model number is: S30-S1A.


AT&T - Small.jpg   

I've used an IR repeater since I've had Optic TV and never had a problem. I've used all 3 remote styles on 2 different main PVR boxes.

What brand of repeaters did you eventually get to work? and wqhere did you buy them? Thanks for the post - there is very little info on this in here and no one at Telus really is able to help aside from passing the buck.


I used Xantech product.


I use a DL85K receiver


A 78944 connector block


I don't recall the model of the emitters, but I think they are generic like these:


Here's what my system looks like:


My setup


Bought mine from a few years ago. Here's the Xantech catalog


Note: Placement of the emitter on the front of the PVR is critical.


Thanks a lot for your help. I am about to make the switch from Shaw and this has to work for me. Not much info anywhere on this. I may be back with more