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anyone know how to change the number of rings it takes to activate my voicemail so it gives me a chance to get it?

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I sure do! Simply dial *94 - at the dial tone, enter the number of rings between 2-9, listen for 2 beeps, then hang up. That should activate the number of rings right away. For future reference on Home Phone Calling Feature activation commands, feel free to visit this: https://http://telus.com/content/help/home-phone-support/star-commands-how-to.jsp?eVar35=http://telu...

I just tried *94 twice and got nothing.
How do I change the number of rings?
I called Telus and was told to wait.
I hate to wait.
Could someone send me a text, email, anything?
I don't think I will get any response.
Surprise me and my 2,000 contacts with a response.
Go in peace and live long.
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Hi there, try this :


*61*Voice Mail Access Number**seconds in intervals of 5#SEND


Each ring tones = 5seconds lap. So, 4 rings would be like 20. 


To make sure to have the good Voice Mail Access Number, as their is more than 1 possibiity. I suggest you to contact TELUS over @TELUSsupport on Twitter or by sending them a private message over their Facebook page.


Let us know if that worked.

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"Send"? Are those instructions for a very old cell phone that has a send button? This is the landline forum so there is a much higher likelyhood that *94 will be the correct one. See @Koalas post above.


Voicemail access numbers last I heard (for landlines at least) are very specific to the CO a user is connected to. Calling a different one would result in not finding the mailbox.

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