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new feature or what?

is this a new feature or something or is my pvr dieing or needing a upgrade? or something

plus when this popped up also m optik tv went out! so weird these days!! glitches and pings20160914_180945.jpg


Community Power User
Community Power User

That usually means the PVR needed to do something and it's possible all the HD feeds were in use. Nothing is dying or needing an upgrade, aside from when your remote area finally gets faster speeds to allow more HD feeds.

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I had some strange router/PVR anomalies last night too.  I thought it was because I unplugged the PVR my mistake earlier in the evening when configuring some new hardware.


Perhaps there was some upgrade sent across.

You did, that good to hear, hope there upgrading, etc, do u want thing or nodes there upgrading?

Are you still having problems?  I only had problems for a few hours that Wednesday night.  Since then, my Optik has been back to normal.  Still think my problem was because I knocked that cable loose however.