just got upgraded to 25/5mbit service with T3200M in a rural area. DMZ questions.

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recently got upgraded From 15mbit service which im surprised i was getting a 3.5mbit upload speed with that. I opted for Optik tv and upgrades to 25mbit/5mbits up service as well. they installed a T3200M and its dual bonded. I'm a little disappointed that my upload speed is only 3mbits considering on a single line i was at 3.6mbit upload speed. the max attainable here is 4000kbits but im getting 3000kbits line rate.


but to the real question here.


I had my last actiontec v1000h with dmz setup to my xbox one and it worked the best for me. however on t3200m i do to enter my info into my dmz and click apply and nothing at all happens. So I proceed to inspect the elements and clicked apply only to see that its getting errors. 


advancedsetup_dmzhosting.html:147 Uncaught ReferenceError: checkBcastOrSubnet is not defined(…)


btnApply @ advancedsetup_dmzhosting.html:147

onclick @ advancedsetup_dmzhosting.html:368


im looking into it but it seems like things maybe were changed in firmware? any other people had issues setting dmz to a static ip on ur actiontec t3200m network?