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is IPV5050 4K? and pricedrop?

Is the IPV 5050 wireless set top box, 4k? i just receive it today at my fathers trailer

, tho set it up with extender tho it only displaying 1080i and p??!!

cant get 4k?!!


and my dad has 5HD Feeds now and 0 SD will if my mom get fibre installed now tho it now in the side of the house will she get like 5 plus HD Feeds or like 5 1080p and 3 4K?


is it now only $5 for 4K set box, cause yesterday i saw on my laptop it was $10 and now this morning i checked on my galaxy note 5 and $5 now for box and from $20 it's now $15...


I'm 95% sure it's not 4k yet. It's supposed to be 4K later in 2017 with an updated chip but, I can't find any information anywhere to say that it is currently 4k. I work in mobility so I'm not an expert and the information was hard to find. I would call in to double check but the only wireless set top box I could find that was 4k is The Arris VIP5602 4K. As for the price drop there hasn't been one. The pricing is based on contracts and your internet package. So depending on if you had picked the deals section and clicked on the optik and internet or just gone to the tv and then selected something you'd come out with different pricing at the end. For instance a basic rental of a PVR with no wireless set top box and no internet is $5 a month on a month to month but you would have paid an installation fee. Where as someone on a 2 year contract with an internet 50 (roughly $80 package)one pvr rental and a luxurious tv package might have their rental for free but if they change their movie packages or try and reduce their package they will have to start paying to rent it. 

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