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internet speed


Hi our 2 laptop/computer get tested speed of 45 mbps. our 2 android phones get tested speed of 250 mbps. Why? thanks


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Community Power User

What type of wireless card do your computers have? If you plug the laptop in to the router directly, what speed do you see then? Are you using the T3200 or a different router? Do you have any other devices between it and your computers?


Depending on the wifi capabilities in your phones, 250 can be the top speed you may see on some models if you're using an 802.11n / 2.4GHz connection. The 5GHz network on the T3200 is 802.11ac which will support higher speeds than n.

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thanks for reply  We have older desktop hardwired and it gets the 45 mbps as before. I took my laptop that got 45mbps from wifi and hardwired it as you suggested and it tested out at 235 mbps. My android tablet hardwired only gets 50 mbps though!!  My settings on it says ethernet connected

sorry forgot to i have theT3200M

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Tell us a bit more about each of your computers, and we may be able to offer more info.


I was not aware that Android Tablets had an Ethernet port. If you are connecting it through another device, *IT* may be the slowdown.

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It's probably a USB Ethernet dongle.

hi its a android TV box I use to make my non smart TV able to browse etc