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internet in logan lake bc

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when will you be putting faster inter speed in Logan  lake BC the plan you offer now is horrible internet 6 is so slow it takes hours to download anything and you can barely  watch Netflix or YouTube or play with people online  and you make us pay a  similar price to a higher plan it makes life harder i think it wrong that you dont properly inform your costumers who a lot of them are elderly  what plans you force them to have  


Community Power User
Community Power User

You won't be able to get an answer on here as to when Logan Lake, or any community is getting an infrastructure upgrade. Any upgrade it potentially will get will be fibre but that may be some time as the only community in the region that got that upgrade was Merritt. As for fibre, you can see the list of communities currently receiving or have completed upgrades here.


Logan Lake is a very small community in a rather remote location. I've been there, and I had family there. The only way to get Logan Lake even on the map will be if the entire community (and/or chamber of commerce / municipal government) and  approaches Telus as one and requests it. That has been successful in the past for smaller communities in BC before. The other option is to get as many people in town to request fibre upgrades by going here. Either way, I highly recommend the fibre request even if the above is also done as upgrades to existing copper lines and equipment aren't likely.

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