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After reading the Q&A section of data usage, "Why is TELUS trialing charges for use over the monthly data allowances?". My question is, I am forced to take OPTIK hi speed V2 because I have OPTIK TV. This comes with 150 GB/month. I am barely using 1/3 of that amount per month and have never used over 1/2 of it. If Telus is so concerned with the amount of data used, why not give low use customers a rebate on their bill for using, say,under 50% / month of allowable data. This would be an incentive to reduce usage,thus less burden on system. Still make over users pay.


Just Moved In

There is no reason for them to charge for going over. No one is throttling their bandwidth, they have more than enough. It's a way for the to make more money off of you. "Oh sorry, we charged you twice as much because you used X amount over your usage, you have to upgrade to the Telus Internet 50 in order to use that much data." They aren't going to give you money back if you only use half of the Data Cap they give you, that's like asking McDonald's for 5 bucks back on your Big Mac because you only ate half of it. 

Canada has 3rd World Internet and Phone levels for the amount we pay for and receive. In places like Korea, Germany, and even Russia, you pay around 30 dollars a month and recieve internet more than ten times faster. In the States, Google Fiber is completely free after the one time payment of 200 dollars for the installation and modem, then you have the option to pay 100 dollars a month for Gigabyte internet (Thats 20 dollars more than Telus Internet 50, and it is 20 times faster)


Technically, Telus could have a Internet-6, instead of a internet-15, for use with Optik TV, on modern DSL/Fibre hardware(old hardware can't handle the data throughput).

The big Boss would have a programmer write the 'speed profile' to accomodate that configuration in Adsl and Vdsl format.

But for a $5 price difference, it aint gonna happen.



Overage enforcement could be done in a more legitimate way and target the extra heavy users with a fair throttle(as per the towns with bandwidth congestion) when they hit a set limit over their monthly usage limit. Those users will complain, but can pay for overage insurance(unlimited) to keep full speed.


To pay for network investment(as Telus states), Telus sells overage protection. $15(at least 3 services) or $30(1 or 2 services) to get unlimited.  Only Prince George area users, who constantly go over, need to buy overage protection at this time(trial starting July 1 2014). They can also just pay the overage fine and not buy protection.


Part of ISP's charging a big overage is to try and stop 'cord cutting'(all that TV content is on the Internet!!!).  It won't work to stop the cutting.


The other part of charging overage is multi-computers at a connection. If you have one computer and tablet, surf non-video sites, thats what the low quality ISP wants only. If you have 5 computers, roommates and enjoy all the content there is to see, ISP's hate that at 'prime time'(heavy network usage), plus it affects the weekly profit for the investors who poopoo upgrades. Overage charges make slimey investors leap for joy.


As the Independent ISPs have shown, all network data usage balances out between the heavy users and the light users. They even have a 'bonus time' from around 2am to 7am where data is not counted to that monthly large limit(more data than Telus offers). But Telus does have a free gateway rental, free install, no PPPoE server problems and usually less than 48 hour response time for connection problems.