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Just Moved In

Just when I'd come to expect my interactions with telus employees to be less than satisfactory, they send Shahn and Mitch to my house to install fibre optic.  I was worried when another employee told me that the guys wouldn't be happy when they heard they had to hard wire everything and with a landline.  I can't remember ever having such accommodating, courteous, professional and knowledgeable servicemen work for me.  "Don't worry we'll make it work for you" was a pleasure to hear.  I can't fault Shahn and Mitch on anything and it was a real pleasure doing business with them.  I think people need to hear about some of the fantastic people working for Telus and Telus needs to know about the things they're doing right  so that they can continue to make positive changes.


Good to hear. It's been a while since I needed a service tech at my house but I sort of recall a survey at the end. I trust you gave Shahn and Mitch the feedback they deserve.


I have always had good interactions with Telus people. When our town was getting fibre installed the installer wanted to screw the  fibre and the demarcation box on the outside wall of the house i didn't like that ugly. All my other wires  (telus copper-old shaw cable and telus satellite 4coax) were in a conduit with no extra room. These were terminated in a small service room along with the power and water shutoff. I had an extra conduit up to the attic but not out to the outside. They said i could finish the conduit and shove the fibre it to the room. The fibre was several months away to become active. At that time i called in and had my phone and internet hooked to the new fibre. All is equipment is in the service room and the wifi strength (some Hardwired) i s good through out the house. The service room location worked out well for me and no ugly wires on outside of house or equipment visible on a basement wall.Telus will no go in to an attic space and i don't blame them for that. Good service from them respecting my wishes. Polecat

Not my experience at one of my houses, the Telus installer AFL guy broke the conduit, the Shaw cable access box and the Telus pots box, drilled all kinds of holes , left everything exposed to the elements ,

Gave me his card never came back. Was on his phone talking to his gf the entire time of install, ran around that house like a shopping spree contestant.

Worst of all instead of using the Ethernet and hdmi cables of thier own , he simply swapped out for the ones connected to the satellite TV boxes in each room!

That's the worst one, I've had dozens all the rest have been okay , except one who deactivated a box because he didn't see it and the tv, even though we told him tv was out at repair. And box was put away some hard to get to.

All the rest totally professional

The customer is withing their rights to demand only unionized Telus employees do work in their house, most of the contractors do shoddy work, the more jobs they do in a day the more they get paid, doing a nice install takes longer, they don't get paid as much.  They take no pride in their work.