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input mode new slimline remotes

Just Moved In
Just got two new slimline remotes and work fine with both Sony TV's and audio EXCEPT I cannot switch input modes on the TVs from Telus Optik to Apple or bluray? I select mode, tv and then input. The tv will switch to the same non-defined input but then will not move off it and I cannot see the list of connected devices like I can with the old Telus remote or the Sony TV remotes. Help?!?



Hi gjmccoy 


The Slimline remotes, which are manufactured by Ruwido, can be programmed for your television for some functions as powering your tv on/off or adjusting your tv volume.


But it doesn't necessarily mean that the remotes can completely replace all the functions of your Sony remote.


The ruwido remotes are not universal remotes, they are optimized for Telus Optik Tv service, I recommend using your Sony remotes to change inputs, since changing inputs is a function only available on the TV, and not the Telus Optik TV box.





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Thank you for the assistance.  With the old remotes I was able to change input function on both Sony TVs so I am a little disappointed that the shiny, new slimline remotes won't allow me to do this?