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i need a list of equipment and who does the upgrades?


i need a list of telus's equipment and who does the upgrades like digging to upgrade if  they have to replace the line in front of my house under the ground? Canadian utility construction? can a telus customer service rep email me or reply on twitter if they think they need to dig up the old line? 😃


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Community Power User

Has Telus determined there is a problem with the buried line servicing your house? If not, why are you looking to dig up / replace your phone line? If you think you have an issue, CALL tech support and have them check your line. A customer service rep will not have any idea about whether or not your line needs replacing.

If you are looking for faster internet, the line running to your house isn't going to be the limiting factor. Your distance to the CO/RDAC/DSLAM will be, until Telus upgrades the entire area.

If you are wanting to dig up the existing line, that is likely going to be quite expensive for you. On top of that you'll need Telus involved to connect the line on both ends (additional cost) assuming their engineering department does not have to get involved. If engineering is involved, it will take longer and potentially be more expensive. Then the contractor involved that will run the new line / conduit will need to ensure all BICS standards are met.

Plus the trenching is not going to be a quick process unless you order the excavation on your property yourself and pay directly. In Alberta for buried drops, there is a huge waiting list to get them trenched in (measured in YEARS). BC I imagine will have a list also and you'll likely start at the bottom.

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