how do i set my actiontech modem to bridge mode so i can connect my d-link dIR-868L?


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Hi ENO, I was just looking for the same information about Telus internet. Just wondering if you have switched to Telus and successfully set up your home network. Any info would be much appreciated as I am considering giving Telus a try.

Thanks in advanced.

Helpful Neighbour

Briefly Newbie I was very worried about this whole "bridged mode" issue since I had just purchased a pretty sierra hotel router and wanted to preserve its functionality. I got the router that comes automatically with the 100/20 program- and this router does come with a single port that (if memory serves) is bridged by default. (It's been a couple months- I don't recall but it was VERY easy.) If not by default you can go  into the config and set it to bridged mode with one mouse click.

Point and shoot- and I got to keep all my settings as they were. 

With that said- what I have not at all been impressed with is the Telus backfield. The sheer number of people at Telus I went through who told me outright that there was NO WAY AT ALL I was going to be able to use my own router was, in a word, staggering. I asked on the phone, I asked in the chat... I asked on the phone again... They asked "someone who knew."  I asked in here (and found a variety of answers where I FINALLY found the right one specific to my information- which I may add was a combination of here and another webpage). 

My overall experience with the service I subscribed for- ie: internet- has been good. My rates are great and the price is right. 

What I have been entirely dissatisfied with is the administration of the account and the lack of information provided by the people answering the phones. That has been a real nightmare and I just hope I don't ever have to ask anyone anything ever again.