how do I do a internet connection speed test


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Neighbour is a great website where Internet speed tests can be performed.

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For accurate speed test results. Hard wire (1) computer to your gateway. Then, ensure all other devices are disconnected from the internet. With the (1) computer hardwired; run a speed test from - selecting the highlighted bar in center of the screen that says "begin test". If you are having any issues with your internet speeds, feel free to contact tech support at Tech support will follow proper diagnostics to just to ensure there isn't anything preventing you from experiencing the optimized speed you’re paying for.

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Don't forget Telus has it's own site.


I prefer using it...

  • no more confusing advertisements telling you to buy performance software you don't need
  • less likely to be blocked when I'm testing connections at public wifi, restaurants and hotels
  • works great on my Blackberry phone

I totally agree, for accurate speeds.  No one else should be using the connections.  I get different speeds testing at different hours when at testing at hotels.

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You can do the internet connection speed test using the website which will show your approximate internet connection speed result.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



At Telus we use for all speed tests.  You'll want to wait until the map loads in the middle of the scren and you'll want to click on Begin Test with the green triangle to commence the speed test.


Hope this helps you!