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customer service email address

Friendly Neighbour

Why does telus not have a email available for customer service? Phone wait time over a hour online chat a joke..

looking into switching my tv, internet, cell phone over to telus and want to know what a final price is going to be... I should not have to log into a forum for this. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can build a plan online, and get a pretty good idea. If you want to try to negotiate a better price than online, then a call, or stopping by a Telus retail outlet is going to be better than email. You can also connect through Private Message to their Facebook account or DM to their Twitter account.


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Friendly Neighbour

I'm concerned that more and more companies are relying on Facebook to connect and communicate with customers. Facebook demands that I reduce my privacy settings to the lowest level to log on. I'm not comfortable with that, nor leaving all the various data crumbs out there for no-one knows who to read.  Does anyone think Facebook learned anything from the Russian election interference? I don't. Sorry, 'contact them through Facebook or Twitter' is not customer service.

Telus needs to bring back the automated call back option once you have reached the front of the line for Customer Care.  Rogers offers it!  Waiting that long to get something done is ridiculous, but having to actually sit on hold just makes that much more infuriating.