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I am getting the client initialization error.  What does that mean.  How do i fix it?


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Verify there are no outages:

The error generally means there is no internet connection to the device. Follow the directions below, repeat step one if you have multiple receivers.

1. Unplug your Optik tv receiver
2. Unplug the power adapter from your Telus modem/router. Then plug it back in.
3. Wait for your modem/router to be back "online"
4. Plug in your Optik tv receiver

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You are a life saver!! thank you for posting this Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy     


While I am genuinely happy for what’s his/her name (it doesn’t show up any more) that prompted him/her to say that Rocky 1979 is a “GodSend”, I STRENUOUSLY disagree.

First: I followed Rocky 1979’s “advice” in microscopic detail, and I am STILL SEEING that supremely annoying “Client Initialization Error” on the screen. Just FYI, does Canada have a linguistic identity?! Some words are spelt American and others follow the Queen’s English (as it should be). “Initialization” IS NOT AN EFFIN’ WORD!!!!!!!! Leave that idiocy to Donald Trump. We don’t want it up here.

Second: I have lived in cities from BC to Nova Scotia, and many in between. I therefore state with the benefit of great knowledge that Telus is the single WORST media provider in Canada. Do you get the magnitude of that?! Canada is the second largest land mass on the planet (second only to Russia), so for Telus to suck so badly is really saying something.

I live out east (Toronto) and my provider is Rogers. Thank goodness my sister has this execrable abysmal vomitous pathetic unreliable-in-the-EXTREME Telus garbage! I am grateful for her subscription to this monopoly (BTW, aren’t monopolies illegal per Anti-Trust laws?) because I know now where I SHALL NEVER AGAIN LIVE!! NEVER Edmonton! Never anywhere Telus offers “service”.

Hey, Mr. / Ms. “GodSend” Rocky 1979. I followed your “instructions” implicitly and the same message is on the TV screen that was there before I followed your “instructions”. On the bottom left of the screen are the words, “Client Initialisation Error” (I cleaned up the execrable grammar) and on the bottom RIGHT in a green box are the words “Quit Client”. Nothing has changed, Rocky1979!

The bottom line is this - when I lived in Edmonton, I had reason to write to CRTC, then to Alan Rock, Minister of Trade at the time, then to the Prime Minister (whoever he was at the time) to complain about that unbelievably avaricious money-first-service-later-If-we-feel-like-it organisation (THAT is the correct spelling) named Telus. Hey, residents of AB & BC, go with Dish or Direct TV or antenna TV or anything else that IS NOT Telus. And, Rocky? I still have a dud for a TV. Everyone else, if you cannot leave AB or BC, use a service (of questionable legality, I know) that HAS NOTHING to do with that horrendous company, Telus.
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So if you live in Toronto, have Rogers for service, why post random FUD that makes little if any sense and doesn't apply to you?


  • You mention that OP used the term "godsend". Not anywhere is that used.
  • OP didn't offer any advice, a question was asked. Plus, why would you be following advice on dealing with an on screen message for a service which you don't have?
  • Monopoly? You obviously don't live in Canada. Canada is an oligopoly.
  • You wrote to Alan Rock? He was a Minister BEFORE Telus started offering Optik TV service.  Optik TV came out in 2011. Rock left office in 2006. He was also never "Minister of Trade"
  • Dish or Direct TV? You definitely don't live in Canada. Neither of those are available in Canada.


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