cisco windows ce 5.x operating system


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the windows ce 5.x  operating system  is 7 years old, 

when do you plan to udate this system as microsoft will soon not be supporting this version ce 5.x.

is there a set top box in the near future as cisco no longer makes the cis430 or the cisco isb7050.

why does telus optic tv have approximately 5 sec delay in broadcasting compared to SHAW cable.

my wife was a shaw customer for many years and shaw has many superior qualities:

1. uses linix a more stable os as i have to reset my microsoft windows ce 5.X devices once a week 

2. the shaw guide actually searches all channels with sub menus.

3. the picture quality is better because of less compression

4. when i talk to technical  support at telus optik tv they do no even have a tv feed and do no understand all the technical questions or even the simle questions when it come to the tv quide and the menu as they cannot see it. shaw had local technical supportto help the end user ie customer

5. waiting time on the phone was much less than shaw

6. the same with shaw and telus optik tv all the first line technical support want to do is reset  everthing even though there is no way that is the problem with checking first to see if it a more broader problem. ie by simply looking at a telus optik feed.

7. the only better part of the search option is that with telus tv you can enter more characters.

you must be using the same search engine for telus tv as as both stink over all.

to find what i am looking for in the web site i have to use google chrome as the search engine for as well as the search engine for telus opyik tv is etremely lacking the ability to search properly

i dont have that option with telus optik tv.

8. why shaw and telus tv decided to downgrade there remote control from 5 devices to 3 devices in doing so 

downgrading the built in software so that some the devices are no longer programmed in the new remote

making the new remotes useless for those devices among other problems such as buttons being to close to mention another.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi bctjoe, for your particular set of questions, TELUS does have a feedback email address for TV specifically ( I think your questions and suggestions would be best posed to them. Hopefully that information is helpful!