cat5 outlets


I want to move my router upstairs and I have multiple cat5 outlets throughout the house but

when I go to try my router in them they don't work at all.  Does a tech need to actually set it up?


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@tarraaa I would assume the cat5e jacks have been properly terminated, and are run back to a central location. (Usually the utility room). Was this existing networking runs in your home?

Are you trying to move your Telus actiontec upstairs or are you using a spare router?

I would assume the router relocation upstairs because of signal strength issues? Which router do you currently have?

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Unlike your phone wiring, which is all connected together in one circuit, Ethernet cables are not connected together, and one end is usually left in the cable cabinet as @WestCoasterBC stated. Instead of moving your gateway/router, adding an Access Point may be a better option. This would leave your gateway where it currently is placed, and adds a new point of connection elsewhere into your home. This removes the need to deal with all the other connections to your current gateway.

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