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can telus do my whole house with cat 5? more questions in one forum

if i got fiber optic by the end of the year, could telus do the whole house in cat 5?

When will telus give people 5 or 6hd feeds like shaw?

why is my hard wire with cat 5e slower then my pvr on my xbox one?

when is there newer set top boxes coming out, i was 3 gens behind on pvr, so i guess there upgrading them fast?

what of codes am i on, i can only get 50 down, what about 100?


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Community Power User
  1. If Telus wires up your house with Cat5e or Cat6, expect to pay for it yourself. They cover the cost to install their equipment but not your wiring. It's best to do it yourself or hire an electrician to do it if you can't. If your house is finished, running wires will be quite difficult and expensive.
  2. Yes, 5HD feeds are available in some areas with fast enough speeds.
  3. Xbox? You've had a ton of issues with your Xbox in the last year. Contact Xbox support for any issues you are experiencing currently.
  4. Telus released newer hardware a year or two ago I believe. Next round of releases will depend on when the current hardware either reaches end of manufacturing (few more years) or can't support the operating system and future features. No one here will know if or when it'll happen, as you've been told previously.
  5. 100mbps is not available in all areas. If you do get fiber, Telus has soft launched 150mbps in some areas. You have been provided the link with that information previously as well.

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I have 3 STB's and 1 PVR, all connected with shielded CAT6 cable. Since I use my own router for Wi-Fi, there weren't enough ports on the Telus supplied Actiontec router. To solve the problem, they installed a four port Ethernet switch that now handles all Optik TV connections. At first, Telus told me it wasn't possible, so don't take "no" for an answer. As long as you have enough bandwidth, I see no reason why you can't simply use a switch with more than four ports. Mind you, if Telus won't supply one, finding the right type of switch and configuring it properly is not a trivial matter.