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Blind copy

How to send blind copy with Telus webmail.See only cc. option, no Bc. option?

eischen by Just Moved In
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I've been trying to find the closing ceromonies of the paralympics on telus opitk but having an absolutely misrable time locating how to get it!!!!!!!!!!

af by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Technical Support

I have been having a loy of trouble with my Optic TV lately, so have been in touch with Telus technical support. I am starting to feel like a repair man, having to do alot of running up and down the stairs in my house checking and resetting my two ca...

ackers by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline Remote Codes (Proscan TV)

Hi all Visions had a kickin' deal on the weekend so I bought a new TV Proscan PLDED3273A-B made by Curtis International."Proscan is a Trademark of Technicolor USA Inc." I can't seem to program the Telus remote though. I've tried using the generic cod...

Resolved! Gravity 3D => Closed caption?

Just watched Gravity 3D.... I had closed caption turned on, but nothing appeared.I like closed caption.

xl by CPU Alum
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Public Phone Booth Locations, N. Vancouver, BC

As they have just removed the phone booths located on 13th & Lonsdale, N. Vancouver, please advise where other locations of public phones are in the Lonsdale area. I would appreciate it.

ng by Just Moved In
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I do a lot of online gaming, streaming on Netflix and lots of web browsing but I can't do it at the same time without it being really really slow. I have wireless internet but I am wondering if the Ethernet/phone jacks whatever they are in my house. ...

Schibby7 by Just Moved In
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Listen to Galaxie online

Just wondering when Telus is going to become one of the providers that allows free online access to the Galaxie channels? I know several existing customers that would like to be able to do so.

smhill by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Empty pvr

When I got home all my recordings were gone does anyone know something I can do besides unplugging it and letting it start up again

Kinney by Just Moved In
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