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Resolved! My story as a new customer so far...

Hello everyone! Today I decided to share my story of disappointment as a new Telus Internet & Optik TV customer so far. I was a somewhat "happy" shaw customer with Broadband 100 & Best of HD TV package, then a Telus agent knocked at our door. He told...

Optik - Change End Time for Sports?

Has anyone found a way to change the default end time for Sports? (I am tired of missing over-time!) I came from Bell Satellite that by default adds one hour to the scheduled end time for Sports, and is customizable by the customer.

TucDream by Just Moved In
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input mode new slimline remotes

Just got two new slimline remotes and work fine with both Sony TV's and audio EXCEPT I cannot switch input modes on the TVs from Telus Optik to Apple or bluray? I select mode, tv and then input. The tv will switch to the same non-defined input but th...

gjmccoy by Just Moved In
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how do i program my pvr from my laptop at work

brwade by Just Moved In
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New channel suggestion - PAC Twelve network

Is TELUS considering adding the PAC 12 network? It carries the same content as the BIG 10 network (US collegiate sports from that conference. The PAC 12 conference is more geographically aligned with most Optik customers as it covers mostly the west ...

Gregg by Neighbour
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Resolved! Internet not working - "Internet" light on modem not lit

Hello, I recently had to unplug my desktop PC and modem to do some painting around my home. I've since plugged everything back in, but I'm unable to get an internet connection. The "Internet" light on my Actiontek modem isn't lit up or blinking or an...

alex87 by Just Moved In
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connecting wi-fi to my tablet

Lost my connection to tablet and after repeatedly trying to sign in am told 'Authentication error occurred.' What is the problem?Thanks for any suggestions.

mimimac50 by Just Moved In
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Internet drops every 30 minutes

My internet connection has been dropping every 30 minutes or so since yesterday afternoon. At first I unplugged and replugged the modem, and that solved the problem temporarily for around 30 minutes or so, then the connection drops and I have to unpl...

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