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Low Volume/sound on home phone

My sound/volume level is low on all my home phones. I have several telephones, one corded set and one cordless set. On each phone I need to turn up the volume every time I make or receive a call. When I do turn up the volume, I start to hear a faint ...

mharkiss by Helpful Neighbour
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Satellite TV content

I am curious what the official reasons are for Telus (plus Bell+Rogers= the rest of big satellite-cable servers) against improved selection for consumers of satellite TV content. I emphasize I am (generally) satisfied with reception, the technology a...

AllanH68 by Just Moved In
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Internet discount frequently

Hi Guys Here is my story,I have been Telus customer since 2011 and I got optic TV and internet, I was happy with them until last month when I moved to a new place I order the move and got the move right on time then I realize that the internet is cut...

Sharaf by Just Moved In
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getting pics. sent to my phone

I have a no date plan on my phone and I get pics. sent to it but saying I can view them at How do I retrieve these pics?

alliebech by Just Moved In
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Stuck with Telus 15 forever, switched to shaw

I moved into a single family home in Nanaimo in the Spring of 2012 where Internet 15 was the fastest service Telus could offer. This is a suburban, established neighbourhood. I ran addresses a few blocks down my street in both directions through the ...

Voice Mail changes

I've received several telephone calls from TELUS relating to new Voice Mail procedures. The person says I can find out more information by going to website. I go to the website and cannot find where to get information. Can you help me.

42 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Voice Mail Upgrade

Greetings, My voice mail has been upgraded. When I go to: and download the new User Guide, some things aren't really explained. For example, on the last page: What is "Call Menu POV"?What is "Zero Out Transfer"?T...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! internet

How much mbps does netflix need to run super HD?Because I'm on 50 and it shows on a speed test that it is taking 10 to 12 Mbps,anyone no?And sometimes it goes down to 480 picture quality I would say just guessing,I have Netflix set on ultra hd

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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NHL Black Outs

Being an Eastern Team hockey fan I am so disappointed to learn that the NHL has removed most games from my viewing area, including all that used to be available on RDS. Can we revisit this? One of the reasons I switched from Bell years ago, was becau...

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