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Actiontec t1200 fiber

This is my speed on telus 50 Mbps on fiber..92.73,don't no how to put picture on from speed test..That's on actiontec T1200 router and actiontec wcb3000 WiFi extender,just yesterday I was getting 70 mbps and just found out I get 5 g with WiFi extende...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Career for me

I have no family that works for telus, i would like to work as technician in BC first then i would be available to move to Alberta when i get some money, i would like to take the telecom course if i have to. how to start out?I just turned 20 on the 4...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Auto Tune and Reminders

I just got hooked up today. I'm wondering why I can't set a reminder or auto tune from the guide. You can only record future shows? With My old Bell I could just auto tune shows without having to record them. I had it set to auto tune to the news eve...

Rayzor766 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! security system

I'm just wondering how many Mbps my security system use's and also how much each telus receiver use's, anyone no??

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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How do I get my FTP server working?

I have an FTP server I just setup using Filezilla using these instructions ( I am able to access it using ftp://(My IP Address):(Port it's listening on) but only on ...

Multiple Router Setups on a 2 bedroom apartment

Hi, I am moving out in about a week with a roomate and am looking to get Telus internet for the apartment. The only concern I have is will I be able to get two routers/modems so I can have LAN internet connections running in both rooms. In the past I...

Resolved! Actiontec V1000 firmware?

Hi, under advanced tab, "check for new firmware link" I get this:To upgrade image form Internet automatically Current Firmware Version: 31.121L.13 New Firmware Version: 31.122L.13Is 31.122L.13 compatible with the V1000? I have read reports that, it i...

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