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Telus customer service

So I had two optic remotes go in two weeks so I called Telus yesterday and told them and they shipped out 2 remotes and they were in my mail box today(0nly 1 day) and i had my remotes,now that's how you treat a customer, thank-you Telus for the great...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Windows 10 Internet issue

I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 10, however I'm experiencing lots of issues with my Internet on said computer since. It works fine on Windows 7, but when the update goes through it says my ethernet and WiFi connections are 'limited' and it refuses t...

Balfouri by Neighbour
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Anyone have a secondary router that can do this?

I've been reading on forums, as I'm excited to get Optik TV at my place. On one forum, a guy claims to have replaced the Telus router, with his personal one. I'm just wondering if this is possible, because one less box on the office desk would be gre...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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Voicemail - it's TOO SOON!

Telus is our home phone provider. Ever since we moved the voicemail is kicking in after only 2-3 rings. It's physically impossible to ANSWER the phone in time. I keep going through all the v/m options and cannot find where to control the number of ri...

Resolved! Is the USB port on the latest Telus modem active?

Hi all. New member. Long time Shaw customer, fed up finally. Switching to Telus soon.I have a question regarding the v1200t modem, is the USB port active? I have USB connected network storage, and if I could consolidate, and lose my personal router, ...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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Getting a Specific Phone Number

I'm currently living in Calgary, but if I wanted an Edmonton phone number for a land line, could I add it using the smart call feature? I know that with VoIP, you are not bound by hardwiring and can have any area code anywhere, but there are limitati...

CIS430 as a slave STB unit

I am moving to Telus Optik TV at the end of the month. I will get free rental for a new PVR plus 2 more boxes as a new client. Someone gave me a CIS430 PVR and I know Telus won't allow 2 PVRs In a single household. Can the onsite technician change th...

nchang99 by Just Moved In
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