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Resolved! Won't change from video 1 to video 5

90 year old uncle thought the remote was the phone again. No idea what buttons he pushed. Static snow only on TV now. Tried using remote to change input but it's stuck on video 1 and we need it to be video 5.

sand by Neighbour
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Norton AntiVirus Online registry entries

I already tried asking in the Norton forum, and was told to ask here.Mozy's status icons are not visible. It looks like the problem comes from bad registry entries in Norton AntiVirus Online (NAO) in the following key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micr...

Shane by Leader
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Upgraded to fibre, have some questions.

I recently upgraded to fibre but noticed my speeds are no different than the regular DSL internet I had. I'm fairly certain that the guy on the phone said it would be faster. Is this normal? If it is, what is the advantage to getting fibre?Also, can ...

efritsch by Just Moved In
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Telus HPNA Question

ok, im going to be giving a router to a friend in the coming months in order to apply QOS on the upstream and give me the ability to VPN in if something needs troubleshooting.he currently has1 X V1000H2 X WCB3000N2 X SMC EZ Connect HPNA 3.01 X ISB715...

Connor by Organizer
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Speed test telus/ tracking bugs

i just did a speedtest on telus speed test and on two laptop, one on windows 8.1 it got 0.50 down the other got 2.50 down on telus 25(25mbps) both laptop haven't done a quick scan in the past three days, there was 7 tracking cookies on one and the ot...

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