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Home Internet Data Usage Meter not accurate!

I have been finding the Telus Data Usage Meter frustrating to use. I moved from Shaw where data was not capped, to Telus with a 250GB cap. For the last few months I have been closely monitoring internet data usage and noticed that the meter does not ...

Resolved! Problems with printers and wireless connection

I switched from Shaw to Telus a couple months ago and one of my printers is not able to print wirelessly at all even after trying to set it up at least a half dozen times (HP1102W wireless laser printer). My other printer (Brother inkjet) has to have...

b1791 by Friendly Neighbour
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Why Can't I Upgrade my Internet Speed??

Is Telus blowing smoke with its tech or is there a solid reason why I cannot upgrade higher than 15 mbps in downtown Calgary? First they tell me ADSL can go to 25 mbps (within the ADSL standard BTW) and then they tell me I need fibre: except that whi...

Bushman by Friendly Neighbour
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Why is TELUS oversubscribing GPON splitters already?

I've been fortunate enough to have TELUS fibre internet for a few years now and recently, after refusing to pay $125 a month for Internet 150 (even though residents in Drayton Valley and Drumheller only pay $75), downgraded to Internet 100. Prior to ...

Resolved! How long does a suspension last?

We forgot to pay our bill and our account got suspended. We payed the bill shortly after losing Internet/TV (the same day we lost it). How long do suspensions last?

Firefly by Just Moved In
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What should my IPV6 settings be on my Airport Time Capsule?

So apparently the IPV6 protocol is working, as I am looking at our Actiontec t1200 settings. So my question is to have our Airport Time Capsule (model 802.11ac), able to connect to IPV6? So I have the time capsule set up as our main router, so the po...

Been by Friendly Neighbour
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Why can't I program my soundbar with the slim line 2 remote?

I have a Samsung soundbar but it won't sync with my remote. I can turn the TV (samsung) and box off with the telus remote. I have to use the sound bar remote to adjust volume. If I'm unavailable to sync I guess I'll deal with it. I've tried all the c...

Mekano by Friendly Neighbour
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