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Wow Comcast is offering 2Gbps of internet to match google in Atlanta,I think Comcast is a bully like rogers is here in Canada,I hate bully's!!!!!!

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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The wifi Internet keeps disconnecting

The wifi Internet keeps disconnecting from my sons laptop and his xbox. And it won't allow him to reconnect using the correct password. Also, Internet connection slows down noticeably sometimes. Why?

ready by Just Moved In
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So many lost connection to telus, why??

it happens a lot, is an update? or does a cables or line coming into my house broking? telus is been her about a half a dozen times since we got telus tv, internet and just cancelled home phone!!why is this happening?

cafekief by Ambassador
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I just measured out how far my WiFi extender will go on my old Samsung tab 3 on 5ghz,that's not on any sort of plan,pure WiFi and I can go 38 yard form my house and still do google search..And on my nexus 5 cell phone I can go almost 50yards on WiFi....

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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i need a list of equipment and who does the upgrades?

i need a list of telus's equipment and who does the upgrades like digging to upgrade if they have to replace the line in front of my house under the ground? Canadian utility construction? can a telus customer service rep email me or reply on twitter ...

cafekief by Ambassador
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over use

whats going on. my kids play online games and we watch moderate Netflix. somehow we are at 6gb in 48hrs

petersch by Just Moved In
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