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Data limit for Internet usage ridiculous

Hey Telus why is there a limit on data that can be used per month for simple Internet usage at home?This does not exists with other service providers. I wish I knew that you guys put a limit and I would have never signed up for a 3 year contract.Now ...

Frankie by Just Moved In
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Using NAS on Actiontec T2200H

Hi, i've recently upgraded to Telus 100 and received my Actiontec T2200H Modem , i've plugged a usb3.0 external hard drive into the USB port and enabled Samba File Sharing. I've setup my username/password in the storage configuration and the workgrou...

Craig1 by Neighbour
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Slow Network @ Home.

I have been experiencing delayed connection and slow webpage loading on all PC's (2 desktops & 2 laptops) using the Actiontech T1200H Wireless N11 Gateway Router supplied by Telus. The same can be said for our smartphones and PVR's used on 2 televisi...

maxam by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik Fibre Internet w/3rd Party Firewall (non-telus)

Hi there, I’m a new Telus Optik Fibre subscriber and am unable to maintain a WAN connection with my SonicWALL TZ-215. My setup is very straight forward; Alcatel Fibre Modem > SonicWALL TZ215 The SonicWALL WAN port is set to DHCP and receives an IP ad...

xetabax by Just Moved In
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WiFi intermittent recently on iPhone 4S

I've had a Telus-provided VSG1432 gateway for several years; generally its WiFi has worked well.Starting a few months ago, my iPhone 4S would sometimes lose its WiFi connection. If I went into Settings right away then, the gateway SSID would be liste...

Bill42 by Neighbour
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Why is it that for the past week my internet (wifi) keeps cutting out at night? Like starring around 4 pm it will cut out on and off and gets worse after 8pm ..

chely by Just Moved In
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T1200H Guest Account

Hi there. Hopefully I can get a solid answer to my question....I've been trying to get help from tech support, and I have been getting mixed answers (possible, not possible etc) so I hoping the forums here can help. I have a T1200H Gateway. I would l...

Carlg by Just Moved In
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Turbo Tax discount

Didn't know where to post this.....every year there is an email from Telus offering a discounted Turbo Tax program for doing our Income tax....have they stopped this ???

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