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Substandard service in Abbotsford BC

I am currently moving to Abbotsford and I wish to transfer my Optik Tv and my internet to my new address. I have been told by TELUS that Optik Tv and my 50 internet is not available at the new address. I would love to keep all my options but the inte...

Havelockk by Just Moved In
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Telus Webmail security breach

The Telus Webmail system has been compromised as this morning I am receiving undelivered messages spam.I know it is the Telus Webmail system 100% because some of these returned messages have been addressed to email addresses that ONLY exist in my onl...

Kellie by Just Moved In
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IP QOS Upsetting

Why does Telus prevent users from adjusting IP QOS settings? Its a harmless activity that would allow me to optimize my internet usage so I can see the speeds I am paying for, where I need it. And this is possible to perform on an Actiontec V1000H wh...

cisyk661 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! remote control frequency range

what is the optic tv slimline 2 remote control frequency range? I want to bye an infrared extender for the digital box

bill2 by Just Moved In
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Port Forwarding/Incoming Requests

So I'm trying to set up a home server for hosting my small website, and I noticed that I have no trouble connecting to it from within my network, even from my external IP or the domain name, but anyone outside my network can't see it. I know the port...

bones123 by Just Moved In
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Lost Sound

I have lost the sound on my TV with Optik service (picture is fine) while changing channels. Ipresume it was due to pushing 2 buttons at once accidently. however after trying many combinations I can't get the sound back. Any suggestions.

Yomamma by Neighbour
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curious what is required to get optic tv working on my own router, i know telus doesnt support it, but i know its possible.previously i know people have got it working on asus with iptv settings i am looking to get it going on edgemax platform if pos...

Connor by Organizer
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Ping Rate

Why does my ping rate get over 900 ms on different days and time of the day?

Harry1 by Just Moved In
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Port Bridging setup

Hi all So I just got a new Actiontec T1200H router, replacing the one I had as it had issues. When the tech was here he noticed I had 2 routers, and suggested I setup the second one to get a better connection on the other side of the house. I had thi...

BeeMan68 by Friendly Neighbour
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