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Resolved! Series recording list slowly disappearing

For the past several months some of my scheduled series recordings (series timers) have been disappearing. At one time I had close to 100 series recordings and it has slowly gone down to 10. Currently the box in my bedroom says I have 14 and the PVR ...

Scorpion by Connector
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Internet Upgrade Failed & Now Phone Is Dead Too

I was supposed to get an upgrade to my internet connectivity this morning. That failed, and now I seem to stuck with a connection which is barely capable of giving me 0.08 mbps according to speedtest (when it loads at all). Then as of 4:30, my home p...

MgS by Just Moved In
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DSL down 3 hours ago, why?

here's a pic of our t1200 modem/routers webpage and it went out 3h ago, why, it been doing it for awhile and the tech been out 4 time to replace the modem and a small green wire in the outside wall box. Help!!

cafekief by Ambassador
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Usage Meter Accuracy

Today I received an email indicating I had consumed 75% of my monthly quota, with 10 days left in my billing cycle. This was somewhat surprising to me as my usage is about 40 - 50 GB of my 250 GB monthly allotment, and this was not a high usage month...

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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everything is pausing and cutting out

Trying to watch an on demand movie and it freezes more than it plays. So I go to watch regular TV, same thing.. Go on the Internet and it's barley working....restart my boxes, check wires, still being super annoying. Anyone else have this problem? I ...

Sydney0k by Just Moved In
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