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Why can't I get an installation date for services?

To make a long story shorter here's the just of the POOR customer service we have received from your company. WORST I have ever received by the way. Signed up for Internet and tv with the free tv promo. Rep called to say we needed a $200 security dep...

Resolved! What's Telus Fibre exactly?

I have fibre in my house for over 2 years now (Internet 100) but when I check at it says it's not available in my area yet (I'm in Okotoks). Is Telus Fibre more than just fibre to home? Maybe a different infrastructure?

Digaos by Neighbour
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Expanding into small towns

Does telus have plans to provide high speed internet and cable tv to the smaller communities of Alberta, like alix,ab?

Invigor by Just Moved In
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Does Telus Email support TLS 1.2 on port 465?

I cannot find any information regarding this on the Telus Web site. I see that Telus is using SHA256 for it's Certificate, but it appears to not accept TLS 1.2. Both are currently considered essential for modern security. SSL Pulse estimates that mor...

couttsj by Friendly Neighbour
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Google Onhub

Has anyone here replaced the horrendous TELUS optik router with the Google Onhub? Our wireless signal throughout the house is awful.

Jaxon88 by Neighbour
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cleaning out Junk &Spam folders ?

Is there a way to manually delete everything in your Junk & Spam folders without waiting for the automatic 30 days ? I could do each one individually, but it would take forever as both folders have way too many items.

Firmware Upgrade on the Actiontec T1200H?

Hi, I was wondering if there was a new firmware update on the Actiontec T1200h. I am just looking exploring the router today and the version looks different. This is what mine is saying Firmware Version: T1200H-31.128L.05. When I look at the upgrade ...

Been by Friendly Neighbour
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Internet Speed at night

I've noticed lately that our internet speed has gone down to less than 2 MBPS. I just ran a couple of speed tests and twice it showed our speed at less than 1 mbps. Is anyone else having this issue? We're on the second highest plan and we paid for un...

mattski by Just Moved In
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Actiontec V1000 Latest FW update?

so i was trying to see if ipv6 was available at my friends address in whistler the other day, so the first thing i wanted to do was update his actiontec v1000hi looked and it showed current version was 31.121L.13. and that 31.122L.13. was available, ...

Connor by Organizer
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