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Telus careers forums?

just wondering if there making a forum for careers?i just applied for telecom tech for Hope, BC, i told them i have my class 7 and 5, but currently only have 7 till end of June then i will have my class 5 novice licence . any info if they will reply ...

Subscribed movies

On the optic TV remote, when you go to options, Live TV filters, movies..... Is it possible to see which movies are coming later on. Right now, all I can see our movies that are on at this moment. We want to be able to see what's coming on later in t...

Reneeaz by Coach
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Resolved! PVR ISB7150 Shutting Down? HELP!

I am new to Telus Optik TV and I don't believe I am being told the truth by the Telus Tech. I've had Optik TV since the middle of December 2015 and seem to have many problems. The PVR has completely shut it's self off twice and I've had to contact Te...

scrndoor by Neighbour
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How do I bridge my Telus router?

I want to use my Ubiquiti router and AP for the wifi in my house. I also have Telus TV. I'd like to bridge my Telus modem so my Edgerouter will be the DHCP, and activate QoS on it. Is this possible with Telus? Do I need a specific Telus modem for thi...

Port forwarding not working

Hello, I have optic internet from TELUS, I did the port forwarding for TeamSpeak 3 server using IP address and port's listed below my thread. For some reason people outside the LAN still cannot connect to the server, does anyone have any solution? Th...

gacek by Neighbour
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Hf ham radio issues

I am a ham radio operator and have a hf station at my house. Whenever I transmit I pixel the tv and sometime have to restart the box. I know this is a known issue and was wondering if Telus has come up with a fix

J20 by Organizer
  • 23 replies
  • 0 kudos Hompage loads slow using Firefox browser

When i open my homepage ( the date in the right top corner is 1 day ahead and the the Top Stories section loads very slowly. after a minute or so the date shows the correct day and the Top Stories loads. I try Internet explorer V11 ...

Gman63 by Just Moved In
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temporarily suspend service

Hi i am on vacation i ask agent to suspended my service on 30th March till 29 July it is done but they charge me on 20 April for service plz check and solve the problem my account number 6005411507

rizan by Just Moved In
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