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Wireless strength

So I have been reading on how to get a better WiFi signal. It seems getting a dual band router and bridge the actiontec. But I have the wireless tv boxes and they are connected to the telus supplied access point. How do I go about making sure that. A...

Plumeja by Neighbour
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Resolved! Power Outage

Will my fibre optik service for TV and Internet work during a power outage if connected to generator power?

Heads-UP! email system upgrade

Friday morning I was unable to login to my email account.My wife's account was also broken. After contacting a TELUS agent via chat it turns out all my e-mail addresses and aliases were gone - deleted.I was using the old ...

Walking Dead Season 7

I have recently added a bundle containing AMC to watch the new season of Walking Dead which is supposed to premier on Sunday Oct 23rd but the guide shows no new episodes. Is AMC the channel I am supposed to have it will it be airing on another one?

4K PVR ??

Hi;How many Shows can be programmed into the new 4K pvr? Sat pvr limit is 99Does anyone know where to get a manual for the new pvr? TIA

Jazz59 by Organizer
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Tech no show x2

First appointment: technician no showed. No call either.Second appointment: technician no showed. No call either.What's going on over there? Why are your installers that incompetent that they have a 100% failure rate and don't have the common decency...

Adirondac by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does the 4K pvr have usb port?

Does the 4K pvr have usb port?Will I be able to move my recorded programs from my Sat pvr to the new 4K pvr?Will the external hard be recognized from my Sat PVR? TIA

Jazz59 by Organizer
  • 3 replies
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