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How to Program Slimline 2 remote with Samsung DE46C TV

Hi all - I've gone through 60+ different codes. I found 2 of them that will control my TV volume and will turn off the TV, but no codes will enable me to turn on the TV. Any suggestions?Model: Samsung DE46CThanks in advance for your help!

dsmyth by Friendly Neighbour
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Fibre 150/150 slow

Just got fibre150/150 yesteday. Was very fast all day. Always around 168/168 doing tests to multiple locations. Then late evening it went down to around 140/40. I thought maybe it was because of peak usage. This morning same thing. I'm ...

samiam by Coach
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phone service on rural lines

Our phone line is on the ground because of road construction done 3 years ago. It has never been buried, because of weather issues or accidental nicks or cuts done by farm equipment, our service is left to be desired. Our phone has been on and off pr...

Irene55 by Just Moved In
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sending a message on telus webmail

I am unable to send an email from my telus webmail account. It always goes to the draft box. The body there is all in some kind of code or computer language.

kath45 by Just Moved In
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Re: Neighbourhood House (Block) Rules

I have written my comment and Telus is restricting me to a number of words I can use in my complaint as well, as what words I can use. This is social engineering, inappropriate, university educated censoring of my rights, and chicken to face the trut...

gancot by Just Moved In
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4k PVR record question

Does anyone know how to change the default settings for recording series?I would like to change defaults to "new shows" instead of "new and repeat" shows.and I would like to change defaults to "anytime any day" instead of "close to this time" TIA

Jazz59 by Organizer
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Internet connectivity

Why when i turn on my macbook air will it disconnect another users online game on a pc in the house?

SCC by Just Moved In
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Channels Missing from the guide

Woke up this morning missing channels that I had yesterday from my guide specifically 1562 CTV News Channel and 1564 CBC News Channel I pay for the news and learning package on top of my normal satellite plan. I have waited over 2 hrs to talk to some...

RuralAB by Just Moved In
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