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ZTE NAT Type 3???

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I have a ZTE 4G LTE Smarthub from Telus and want to play online with a couple buddies on our PS4's but I always get a NAT Type 3 and my NAT Type in game is always "Strict". Am I able to work around it? It's causing me a lot of trouble and I've tried port forwarding and UPNP and DMZ but it just isn't working. Can I set it to Open NAT or at least Moderate NAT??? Any help???

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PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!   You need to puchase a public IP Address from Telus $15/month and change your APN on your smart hub.  This worked for me.  Now i have OPEN NAT.  

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Went to add the Dynamic IP to my account so I can get open nat and telus informed me they no longer provide this service, now what?!

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Call tech support and tell them your Strict Nat situation. And you want open Nat type. And let them try to figure it all out. Don’t mention anything about public IP addresses or you’ll confuse the f$&@ out of them. Someone higher up the ladder will call you back. Initiate a conversation with the higher guy.s. You be successful I’m sure. When you call tech support the person that first answers the phone is normally clueless. They are not support agents but rather boble heads who rely on basic instructions to resolve your problems.

Tried 3 different agents. All say the same
Thing. Telus no longer offers anything of the sort with the smart hub. Discontinued. That sucks.

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Not sure either....he was emailing me YouTube videos and suggestions from that gmail account. kinda weird.

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This is exactly what you need to do. But its 5$ a month. Its an add on but you are 100% right.

I appreciate the feedback but I sorry I'm skeptical.   I have spent literally hours on the phone with many different Telus account t reps, techs, etc. etc. On this issue and it always ends up in the same place.  They simply will not provide a functioning public IP on the Turbo Hub rural residential service at ANY price.  Would you be willing to provide a pic of your bill (with account and identifying info removed of course) that shows an active TurboHub based account on one of the 50, 250 or 500 GB tiers for $60, $75 or $110 WITH the public IP add-on?  A number of people have indicated it is possible but no one has provide any specific evidence.  Talk unfortunately is cheap especially after all of the wasted time I and others have spent beating on Telus to find/get this functionality.


Sorry for appearing doubtful, but if you had been through what I have with Telus, you would be too.  Please help us settle this once and for alll and hopefully provide the key that many of us are looking for.  


Finally,  if this feature does actually exist, I find it unlikely that Telus wouldn't promote it.  Telus would never turn their back on more revenue.





I have a Telus Smart Hub. My son wanted to do online gaming. I contacted Telus last month and told them I have a Nat Type 3 and need Nat Type 2 or 1. They were not really sure and had to send me to someone that knew more about the hub. They said they can only do Nat Type 2 on a personal account. They took my information and had a person from their tech department phone me the next day. He walked me through what needed to change on my computer while in the IP address for the Hub to be in Nat Type 2.

This was $5/month Additional charge. My son can now join online gaming groups with the Nat a Type 2. 

Just Moved In

You wouldn't happen to remember what those settings were?  Did you have to make any changes to your plan or just to the settings on the smart hub?

Lol pics .. where can i send them?? I had the same issue as you. Im tellng you my add on is called CONNECT DYNAMIC.. it cost 5$. Apparently its only suppose to be for buisness but its not. You put in a ticket an the french guy from
Montreal will call you.. trust me you might have to fo this a few times i did it for months. Get the right person on the phone an it will work. Log into your hub. Go to settings. Change APN to manual. Profile name can be whatever you want. Put APN to. .. thats how they got me to set mine up an its all good. Again. CONNECT DYNAMIC!!!

I asked Telus about the connect dynamic they said i could get it h had to call some one to add it on my bill but he wouldn’t not walk me through or help me in anyway to change the nat type on my zte smart hub b cause he would b liable If something happened to it