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ZTE Hub NAT Type 3 Restrictions

Just Moved In

So i have done a ton of reading up on why the ZTE hubs are all set to NAT Type 3, and essentially the only answer ive gotten from telus is that they essentially share a common I.P. address due to the fact that they utilize the LTE network. Now I have read that people have somehow gotten Telus to supply them with a public I/P address, sometimes for free sometimes for a cost. But everytime i have ever phoned they refuse to give it to me. I did eventually get one guy who explained that he could give it to me but it would reduce my internet speeds to be painfully slow and essentially unusable internet. I apparently got put on a waiting list as Telus is "Trying" to fix this problem, but that was close to a year ago now. Is anyone else having this problem/know how i can get it fixed? I believe i have the first generation of these Hubs but i dont believe they fixed this issue with the newer gen.


Just Moved In
Me as well, I was on the phone with Telus today and apperently not even Tech services can add a static or public IP.
When questioned they simply said it was unavailable to them and opened a support ticket.
I tried putting the xbox ip into DMZ zone to no avail, still Nat type 3.
I have no idea what else to try, I imagine a VPN through my computer would slow down the wifi too much.