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Yet another customer service problem

Just Moved In

Been a customer for 8+ years and my internet has never worked properly. Many many technicians have visited my home and no one has been able to crack the problem. Called Tech support last week outlining the issue yet once again, they couldn't fix it but said there was a problem, again,  and needed it to be escalated and I would receive a call back the next day. Almost a week later and no reply. Why are Canadians's paying some of the highest internet rates on the planet yet we get treated like second class citizens. Calling the so called 7/24 customer service number is beyond ridiculous as I'm dragged through auto attendant asking me if id like a download telling me how to reset my modem. No, I want to speak with a real person because I have a complex issue. Please stop doing this to us Telus and answer the phone we deserve better. The problem is this is industry wide .  It doesn't matter where we go it seams we are aspiring to apathy and there is no incentive anywhere to change the way our customer service industry does business. Shame.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Randy. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

Friendly Neighbour

I have so many issues with misinformation and lies between store sales, agents on the phone, and even forums such as here.  If I could go back and get all my old services and rate plans from other providers before I switched over I would do it in a heartbeat.


The lack of accountability from Telus and phone agents is the problem. If they transfer you, ignore you, lie to you - you have no power over it.  At least in stores you can make a complaint face to face and hope for the best - but in today's call centre world there is no repercussions.


Promotions, discounts, marketing is all aimed at "new customers" - but once you're that loyal 8+ year customer, forget about competitive pricing and service.