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Wow, they did it again....

Friendly Neighbour

A number of months ago, Telus decided to change thier PPV movie menu, which slowed things down insanly...It takes a good 10 seconds to go through each menu...It sucks.


And of course, in a mind blowing stupid move, they have changed the channel lineup menu, which I have many issues with by the way, the biggest that everytime I click a button, it takes a minimum 5 secs to acces what I clicked on...Its so **bleep** fustrating. Change it back, speed it up or I will soon be cancelling my subcription...Lucky for me, the end of my contract is only a short 2 months away...



let me tell you telus is better than shaw and please dont switch. i used to have shaw before i came back to telus because shaws internet suck it is very slow the tv takes for ever to load and they increase their prices every year my internet used to be like 45 now it is 55 and it is still slow.All im trying to say is that stick with telus