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Worst Customer Service!!!!

Just Moved In

I was booked in an appointment today 1-3 pm  Nobody showed up!!  So, I called TELUS   and TELUS said that Theres was a glich in the system and the tech guys didnt receive the order to come install. The rep said the earliest appointment is next week??? i'vd already waited a week for the internet, they tell me to wait another week?????OF course im not gonna accept that, so the rep pass the case to a manager. the manager was "nice" and told me that she will call the tech guy and see if he can come in today or tomorrow and will call me back to confirm. SO I ACTUALLY BELIEVED HER!!!!!!!! WAITED FOR 40MIN AND NOBODY CALLED ME BACK!


Just Moved In

I agree !


Let me tell you what is my own experience :

I wanted to upgrade my home internet, and I found that the 50 Mb/s was a good deal.

So I asked online for the upgrade, and I had a message telling me that somebody will contact me after 5:00 PM (as I told).

Of course somebody called at 10:00 AM when nobody was there !

Then I called directly, and I was told that everything was already set, no appointment necessary ! Great !

I had them confirming that I did not need to change my modem, so I was very happy !

But then...

I checked my internet speed the next day : still 15 Mb/s... hum...

The next day : still the same... I started to worry a little bit...

And on the third day, a lady called me to tell that the option I asked for was... not available as the port range was full !

I asked for an explanation, and all she could say was : "You have to wait for somebody that close his account so that we can get it for you"


Is this a joke ???


Could they not perform this basic verification the first time I had them on the phone ???

As the tile said, worst customer service ever !!!