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How do I change the wireless password on my ZyXEL modem?

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Changing your wireless password on ZyXEL modem is pretty easy. Simply follow these steps and make sure to use a computer "wired" or connected with ethernet cable to the modem:

1)  Log into your ZyXEL modem by clicking on this link
    If that does not work, type those numbers into the Address Bar of your browser and hit ENTER.
2)  On the top right side of the page, you will see a "Username: and "Password:" field. Please enter the following:
    - Username: admin
    - Password: telus (all lower case).
If this is the first time that you have accessed your modem, you may be prompted to change your password. Make sure that you keep record of it because it will be important if you need to log into your modem later on at any time.
3)  Once you do that, click on the "Wireless" tab on the green bar near the top of the page. If you do not see any options on the green bar, then you have not logged into the modem correctly (please repeat step 2 until you see it).
4) Your "Wireless Network Name (SSID):" is how you identify YOUR wireless signal from others.
     Please change your "Wireless Network Name" to something other than what it currently is now.
5)  In the "Security Mode" section, you will see "Password:". This will be your WiFi (security key) that you will need to enter into any of your computers or devices that you want to connect wirelessly.
- If you want (this is optional), you can remove the check mark in the box beside "Generate password automatically" and create your own WiFi (security key). In any event, you may want to write it down.
6)  Once you have finished, click on the "Apply" button near the bottom right side of this page and exit out of this window.