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Will Security Cameras Count Towards Monthly Data Limit?

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Hi All,


I just had a general question regarding security cameras I have setup at home. The cameras are wired in to the network and accessible internally (through a private LAN address) and externally through a static IP. I was wondering if accessing the cameras internally, through the LAN address (on an iPad or smartphone) will count towards my monthly data cap?


Any help or clarification you guys can provide is appreciated.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, there will be data consumed if you view the content from outside your home. There also may be data consumed as your cameras interconnect with your surveillance service provider - usually these maintain some form of connection between your cameras, and their network, so they can provide video connectivity to you.


There should be no data charges for packets which stay inside your local network.



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What brand of security cameras are you using?  If content is not streamed externally, it should not count.


I love Nest cam, but they do upload to the cloud.

  • multiple cameras means multiple uploads.
  • the faster the connection, the higher the resolution that gets uploaded with less compression.
  • the upload will impact streaming speeds with slower connections
  • PureFibre's 150 upload makes uploads to the cloud more efficient with multiple cameras.