Wifi randomly drops after upgrade


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I upgraded to Telus Internet 150 (Actiontec T3200m modem) at the beginning of the year and I've noticed my mobile devices being dropped 1-2 times a day. I would go a month or two without dropping and it randomly happens for a week or two before repeating the cycle. 


- All devices that are connected by wire do not have this issue.

- It happens on both 5ghz and 2.4ghz

- I've tried both automatic and manual channel settings

- Range is not an issue, it's happen when I was in the same room as the modem. 


The only thing I haven't tried is a factory reset. Is anybody else having this issue?



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Is band steering on or off?

A number of folks have had difficulty with mobile devices when band steering is enabled.


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It says Smart Steering is off.


I have had wireless networks shut off momentarily when there is high usage (like bittorrent, not with downloading 1 file from 1 source with 1 connection). It seems to behave as if the router itself was overheating or otherwise overloaded and has to reboot, and it just disappears to all devices for a little while - sometimes just 20 seconds, sometimes a bit longer. Even the chromecast in the background gets disconnected.


(Edit to add: The networks do not BOTH turn off, it is just the 5ghz that dies for a moment - the 2ghz one stays working the whole time.)


I have had other routers do the same thing, so it is not totally unusual and it's just one of those things that can happen.


Maybe try putting the router somewhere that has a bit better air flow (like on top of something, or make it vertical instead of laying flat on a desk, or whatever you can easily do). Aside from that, I have no suggestions other than to try and limit the amount of work the router has to do. For the torrent example, this would mean lowering the max amount of connected peers, half open connections, and/or some other options - it would ultimately depend on what puts the most stress on the device.


Another important consideration is your MSDU and MPDU aggregation settings, as well as other nearby networks. Maybe the problem has to do with your neighbor using the same wireless channel and the problem is from interference.


Can you reproduce the issue? If you can, you can definitely narrow down what is causing it. If not, then it's just something you have to manage - until you can find out what to trigger it