Wifi drops out when digital box is on


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I connected my netgear WNDR4500 router to one of the LAN ports of the Actiontek and set it to Access Point mode in order to extend the wireless range in my house. The problem I'm having is that whenever any of the Optik digital boxes (either the wireless digital box or the PVR) are on, my wifi access on the netgear drops out -- I have to use the wifi on the Actiontek. Wired connections to the netgear continue to operate normally. Any ideas what may be causing the wifi to drop out and how to fix it?




i have never tried this and tend to learn my networking as i need but pretty sure the issue would be with setting in your netgear router. need to have a different dynamic ip, and upnp etc.etc.....someone with better knowledge will hopefully reply but for now try google and the netgear website. should be instructions specific to the netgear router that may help.


In your routers settings, look for IGMP settings(WAN setup). Toggle on or off(opposite of what it is now) and try it out. IGMP is used to filter out the multicast.

If IPTV multicast is flooding the wifi on your router, it will overload wifi and cause it to die.